Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Israel Ripley

If there was a word I could use to describe Peter it would be love. One of the last conversations I recall having with Peter was a testament to that word. For a while, one of Peter’s main dreams was to attend Bible College and join full time ministry. One Thursday evening, Peter and I were talking about this dream of his and how excited he was to be in ministry full time. While speaking, he said one particular thing that stood out to me. As he spoke of everything he wanted to accomplish in ministry, he said one thing he was most excited about was coming back home to do ministry. “Wouldn’t it be so cool for me to come back here and preach,” he said to me. I heard his words, but also, I felt his heart. His heart wasn’t about the platform. It wasn’t about the fame. It was about reaching those people he was close to and he loved. I realized in that moment that he understood the reason behind doing what he wanted so badly to do. Peter knew that above and beyond everything else it was about love and about seeing the world changed for Jesus. He was just most excited to start with his community.