About Peter

Peter was someone that if you had met him, you would not forget. He loved God, family, and friends with all his heart. He was a hard worker and had a deep love and commitment to his family. He loved people and would do anything for them and sacrifice everything he had if he thought it would help someone.

Peter had an innocent soul and a childlike faith in God that was the most beautiful thing to experience. With that kind of special faith, it empowered him to love so completely, fully, and with his whole heart. Peter would reach out to anyone and he didn’t care what they looked like or what their sins were. He even reached out to those who had hurt him badly. You could call him naive but I call him a man full of grace and forgiveness.

Peter was making plans and preparing to go to Bible College after the holidays were over. On New Years Eve, December 31st , 2017 he was with friends in the woods, and got lost with temperatures below freezing for several days. We found him three days later, but he was already safe and warm in the arms of Jesus experiencing fullness of joy! Peter left this world and is living in God’s presence, and that is right where he always wanted to be.

Peter’s genuine love for people will be his lasting legacy. So go and #lovelikepeter did. Love unconditionally. Love outrageously. Love endlessly. And even though Peter would be thrilled that people would look to him as an example of love, I know he would challenge us to not love like him, but to love even greater. Love like Jesus.

So here is our challenge to #lovelikepeter and more importantly, love like Jesus.

We believe that Peter would love it if we challenged all who are touched by his story to pick up where he left off and accept the challenge of loving unselfishly, loving blindly to all people. Like Peter, let’s challenge ourselves to be childlike in trusting God with our love and service.

Let this hashtag symbolize and commemorate his beautiful life inspiring us to do the same. #lovelikepeter. Share it. Live it. Pass it on. Write about it. Tweet it. Post on Facebook about it. Instagram it.

Peter's House

To remember Peter’s life the family is asking those who want to give or do something, to not send flowers but to make a donation to “Peter’s House.”

Peter’s House will be a small guesthouse built on The Mission Church/school property in Haiti. This house will be used for the sole purpose of housing individuals and mission teams that come to minister the beautiful people of Haiti.

Peter was planning to go to Haiti and stay a few months before his commission to Bible College, but there were no accommodations for him. He suggested the idea of a house, so that he and others could stay for prolonged periods of time. This is the inspiration for Peter’s House.

At the age of twelve, Peter went on his first mission trip to Haiti with his uncle and fell in love with the people and the children of Haiti. He was a big hit! The children and Pastors ask about him to this day! He also preached his first powerful sermon right there in Haiti.

WOW! What a great way to remember Peter through having a guesthouse that will serve generations to come in Haiti with the name being, “Peters House.” Peter’s story will be documented and on display at the house so that everyone will know that the house came up out of the ground because of his precious and beautiful life.


Stay tuned for update and developments as Peter’s House gets underway.

Donate to Peter's House

Peter was and always will be my cousin and I have been so nervous to look at this website . Thank you to the people who set it up. Peter loved me no matter what he was going through and it always gave me self-confidence and he always showed me that no matter what he would be there.

Hailey Egnew

I knew Peter for about a year. Even though we never hung out he was always in my life. He was there for me in a time of my life where no one else was. He talked me out of being depressed and giving up on everyone. Myself included. And I will be eternally grateful for that. Fly high buddy. Seen you one day. #lovelikepeter
Made Benton


A word from Peter's Bible.                              Philippians 2:3-18.


When I think back about Peter, I realize that I knew him pretty much all his life.....our families have always been intermingled with him and his siblings and we ended up in Gatlinburg together once...we all decided to go find snow. Peter immediately asked if he could ride with Trenten. I remember how excited and happy they both were that they were together in the same car...honestly I think they were more excited about that than even finding the snow. 
Another time, I went to drop Lauren off after her and Kailyn had had a play date, it was after I had my youngest Kolten. I remember Peter getting dressed up as Santa with a hat and attached beard, and a red sack to play like Santa to Kolten. Trenten ended up loving the hat/beard combination and playing Santa for Kolten too. Peter was about 3 years older than Trenten...he insisted that Trenten take the Santa hat especially because Kolten really liked them being Santa. I kept trying to tell him no, it was okay...lol. But Peter would not take no for an answer. Peter was always happy and always wanted to make everyone else happy. I loved his exuberance, his smile and his heart...he learned well from his examples(his parents). Peter didn’t care if you were younger or older...I don’t think he ever met a stranger...he just loved people. I love knowing that the legacy of love that he displayed will go on through Peter’s House. I know that my family and I will carry Peter in our hearts. The fire he displayed for serving God will be carried on through it.

Becky Oliphant

Peter was definitely the best Man U could have ever met he never had a frown on his face and he was always positive peter really made me so happy every day and he cared about people more than him self peter was a once and a life Time man #lovelikepeter I love u peter u will forever be in my heart

Anna Monteleone

Peter was a great friend of mine we were newbies in teen challenge and had arrived together just a few days apart. We clung to each other and Peter made my time in teen challenge full of joy and always spreading the word of God. Peter put a duck dynasty beard on one day and walked around saying what's up Jack, all day long. Just to see everyone smile. I miss my brother in Christ and I'll patiently await for the day I see that big ole smile and those beautiful eyes. 

Kayla Osborne
I love you Peter. 

If I had a word that would describe Peter it would be "fighter" . No matter the struggles life threw at him, he continued to fight and he did just that. Growing up with this family since I was a child myself, I had the privilege to watch Peter grow into the man he was. I consider his older sister one of my best friends. Every time I was over, or stayed the night. Peter always had a smile on his face. Even if you were in a bad mood, you would instantly be in a good mood when Peter was around. I have many memories of Peter and his fun, loving, care-free personality. Peter always forgave, he never held a grudge and he always saw the best in people, regardless if they messed up. Every time I was over at the house, he always had a joke he found and would share it, even if they weren't funny they were funny to Peter and somehow you found yourself laughing with him. I can never recall a time that Peter never had a smile on his face, he always had a smile. I will hold the memories I have of Peter close to my heart. He was such a loving son, brother, amazing uncle and good friend. Earth lost a beautiful soul but heaven gained. I know that Peter is rejoicing with the lord right now, in a place that he so loved and praised. To me just knowing that brings a little peace to my heart.

Kailyn Oliphant

We moved back home to Hammond in 2009. It took a few weeks of visiting churches to find our home. When we found The Mission Church we knew immediately God called us here. Peter was one of the first kids to befriend our son, Payton. Peter’s birthday party was the first party Payton went to. Peter was very kind to him. It was small gestures like that that let me know everything was going to be ok here. The next summer Peter went on a missions trip to Haiti and my husband, Brian, was on that trip. Peter had a tremendous amount of energy, love and excitement towards life and those he was around. Rest peacefully sweet boy. You are loved and clearly left a beautiful legacy.                                                                                      Kim Walker
The best way I can describe the character of Peter through an experience is the time where I threw a piece of ice at him instead of snow in a snowball fight. Instead of getting mad at me, Peter just kept on being friendly and forgiving. Life isn't always gonna throw a snowball at you, sometimes it'll be ice. But it's not about how bad it hurts. It's about how good you can bounce back and react.                                                                 Trenten Oliphant
I knew Peter from afar. He and my son, Alex, were in children's church together and went to summer camps together. But even at a distance Peter's smile and bright spirit were contagious! I couldn't help smiling when I saw him. And recently, in the month of December, he stood out to me in worship service. His worship was genuine and inspirational. Witnessing his worship and his love for God made my heart happy and it made me smile.                                                                                            Jaimé Badeau
I met Peter back in 2010 when we went on a missions trip to Haiti. He was 12 years old and was just a ball of energy. I remember being impressed by just how much heart he had. Instead of being a "3rd wheel" or just a tag-a-long like I figured most kids would be, he truly was part of our team and worked right along side us. He impressed me. I got to see Peter here and there over the following years, and just like so many people talk about, he always had a smile on his face. He and my son had become friends and I was always glad to know that my son was friends with him. Above is a picture of us all in Haiti. We were building a dam in the river to make a deeper pool to baptize some of the Haitians we were there serving. Peter is right in front of the girl wearing the yellow shirt. The picture makes it look like we were all standing around watching someone else, but we all worked hard that day! I will miss Peter. I'm going to make it a point to be on one of the build crews for Peter's House.

My life will be forever impacted because of Peter Pedeaux! The very first conversation We had provoked my spirit, as I listened to Peter excitingly express his desire to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After a couple months of being around him and watching him serve so selflessly, I noticed something very profound about him, the way he LOVED. It was a contagious and unconditional type of love, almost impossible to describe with words. In John 15:35 Jesus states, “your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” Peter my friend, your life exemplified this verse and in doing so created a ripple effect that will echo into eternity. So I urge anyone reading this, to never stop and inquire if someone is worthy of loving, instead go into the world and #LoveLikePeter. In doing so his dream and passion of seeing the multitudes reached with the love of Jesus will come to fruition.

If there was a word I could use to describe Peter it would be love. One of the last conversations I recall having with Peter was a testament to that word. For a while, one of Peter’s main dreams was to attend Bible College and join full time ministry. One Thursday evening, Peter and I were talking about this dream of his and how excited he was to be in ministry full time. While speaking, he said one particular thing that stood out to me. As he spoke of everything he wanted to accomplish in ministry, he said one thing he was most excited about was coming back home to do ministry. “Wouldn’t it be so cool for me to come back here and preach,” he said to me. I heard his words, but also, I felt his heart. His heart wasn’t about the platform. It wasn’t about the fame. It was about reaching those people he was close to and he loved. I realized in that moment that he understood the reason behind doing what he wanted so badly to do. Peter knew that above and beyond everything else it was about love and about seeing the world changed for Jesus. He was just most excited to start with his community.
I’ve had the opportunity to grow up alongside a wonderful young man. Peter and I loved to camp together and I will never forget the way he spoke of others around the fire. Peter Loved to speak of how amazing and special people are. The fire and passion that flowed from his spirit are fruited from Love. Peter knew no other way to speak to others unless it first came out of love. Peter Pedeaux will forever be a memorial of Love stamped in our hearts.

I remember the first Sunday Peter returned to the mission after his internship with teen challenge. I didn't know what to expect. The last time I had seen Peter he was this wild 16 year old at youth camp that wouldn't stop talking when everyone was trying to go to sleep. In the business of the morning I ended up not getting a change to say hi and welcome him back and by Monday I had forgotten he had returned all together. Fast forward to Wednesday. I get to the church on Wednesdays around 5:15 to begin setting up (I'm the youth pastor at the Mission Church). When I walked in to the lobby that Wednesday guess who was there waiting? Yep, Peter. I introduced myself and he said he remembered me. I asked if I could help him and he said that he was there to do whatever I needed, he kept saying "I'm here to serve." I showed him around briefly and showed him where I could use some help. I don't remember what I preached that night or how many students were there. What I do remember is Peter waiting in the lobby for me at the end of the night. The first words out of his mouth were "that was awesome dude". He went on and on about how many lives were being touched for Jesus and how anointed I was as a pastor and how this community wasn't ready for what Jesus was about to do. I immediately realized this wasn't the old Peter I knew. He spoke with such passion and belief that I felt convicted he believed in me more than I did! Over the next few months Peter was there every Wednesday. I always looked forward to being around Peter because he brought a joy that made you believe you could accomplish anything. One of the last things I did for Peter was be one of his referrals for bible college. On Peter’s bible college referral they asked me to check off which words best described Peter. My choices were warm-hearted, sympathetic, respectful, enthusiastic, or loving... I checked them all. 

I remember when Jack, Mason & I first started The Gathering (our small group). Peter came whenever Jack spoke, and afterwards, all Peter could say was how amazing we were doing and how many young lives we are going to touch. Ever since that night, if Peter couldn't make one of our small groups, he would apologize and encourage us. That's how I remember Peter, is by his constant encouragement and dedication to serving the Lord and people. He was truly an inspiration to us and all of the people he had the opportunity of getting to meet. #LoveLikePeter